Angelo’Candy Dream

Angelo is a 9 yrs old boy with diabetes (Type1) who passes out in a Sweet Mart shop because he ate too much candies. So, now Angels come in his dream to rescue him, and that’s where the story starts.

Angelo and the cotton candy

Sangel( Super angel) pointed his magic wand at aisle four where cotton candy was spinning in a cotton candy machine.

A new plan and Jellosaur

He incanted, “Vocandize!” The candy on the top of aisle seven changed into a big green reptilian character. It moved around and roared, “Jellosaur!”


Angelo took off as Spiderpop, quick and light on its feet, it sang, “Spider pop,spider pop, eight legs, and a top, kid slop, spider mop!”

Candy cool

He looked human S’mores Man. Angelo saw his candy cool face and was shocked but not scared. “Who are you? Do I know you?”
Will Angelo come out of his dream?

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